Stumbling Aloud

Recently Stumbled across these sites and liked them.


Montana Skies, a cello-guitar fusion duet, covering songs ranging from Summertime thru Malaguena to House of The Rising Sun; I particularly liked Gringo Flamenco, which seems to be an original. i’ve VodPodded the last one for your convenience.

And then there’s Pablo Lobato from Argentina, who draws caricatures of people his way, unusually easy to recognise while being original and different. Here’s Pablo’s rendition of Jack Nicholson and The Three Stooges, two favourites of mine (and not just their caricatures). I would go to a performance of Nicholson reading the telephone directory out aloud. For that matter, I would have gone to a performance of Larry, Moe and Curly Joe reading the telephone directory out aloud!



Stumbling can be enjoyable. As long as you keep feeding back what you like.

2 thoughts on “Stumbling Aloud”

  1. Montana Skies! Wow. Unfortunately they don’t have anything for sale on iTunes UK…

    Thanks for the recommendation!

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