“Nobody move! Everybody freeze!”

I loved growing up in Calcutta, and as youngsters we got up to all sorts of things. Much of it was in public, and much of it involved acting. Pretending. Watching reactions. And laughing. A lot of laughter.

From the simplest “pointing up at the sky” scam through to far more elaborate ruses, we enjoyed ourselves as schoolgoing teenagers. There were three rules: Don’t hurt anyone. Don’t pick on the weak. And try and keep within the law.

Watching this video, when people did something on a challenging scale, brought it all back. Also available on my VodPod. Enjoy!

[Thanks to Bruno Litman for the tweet].

One thought on ““Nobody move! Everybody freeze!””

  1. Absolutely superb! Thanks to this post, I wasted far too much time last night watching several of their other exploits. Look Up More was also very enjoyable – and somehow sounds like it would also make a good book title.

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