Visualising “flocking”

I’m always on the lookout for good visualisation tools and techniques. Which is why I really liked this by Christian Cenizal. There’s something very Yogi-Berra-like “Nobody goes there any more, it’s too crowded” about it, the way the worms come together and then break up just as the party gets going. As one of the comments asserts, isn’t that one way of representing bubble behaviour?


5 thoughts on “Visualising “flocking””

  1. Dude/Dudette! you are the most un-confused , confused person I know!

    I wonder how this applies in the online world. Is facebook getting more traffic now because MySpace is too crowded? Does crowding(SEO,SEM) on Google add dead-weight to the engine making the “flock” go elsewhere? Thanks for making my mind wander a bit!!!

  2. Uh… Didn’t check the original post (with the video) until now. Sorry for too quick comment. The worms video is more “alive” than the boids video I blogged about. I wonder if it is about the added randomness?

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