Who needs horror films?

I probably never grew up. I love comedies, even slapstick. I can watch humorous stuff till the cows come home.

And I detest horror. I must have been 20 when I walked out of Damien Omen II and I’ve never been back. Not once. I am not interested in paying money for such an experience.

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And yet. I found myself spellbound watching this massacre. And felt that God was in His Heaven and all was well with the world when I watched this response. Yup, some see evolution when they see such videos. I see a divine Creator.

6 thoughts on “Who needs horror films?”

  1. I know plenty of people who hate seeing anything involving blood etc on TV, but are fine coping with a real life emergency, which is slightly strange.

    I think the only rule with horror, as with any genre, is you need to see something good. And if you’re a comedy fan, then it’s hard not to recommend Shaun of the Dead!

    I’m on the evolution side of the fence, but I certainly share the same wonder at seeing nature in action.

  2. By the way, I think it’s one of the dangers of UGC content age, because nobody controls nothing ever. Everyone can publish so strange things, scary. TV censors has a real function in advise or warn of such contents. And on web, it’s not the case.

  3. laurent, just like the surfcontrols of this world, there is a business opportunity for someone. certifying web video. doing it at source level is interesting. doing it at device level will be even more interesting.

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