Musing lazily about visualisation

I guess most of you have seen this by now, it’s been doing the rounds these past few days. (My apologies, I can’t actually remember where I first saw it and saved the diagram. When I remember I will make sure I give credit appropriately.):


It reminded me of the Indexed blog, where Jessica Hagy has been entertaining us with wonderful charts for some time now. Here’s an example:

By the way, her book’s pretty good as well. She has a searing wit about her, she touches many diverse subjects, and she does a great job showing how charts can be used to actually convey information. Strongly recommended. 

We have so much to learn about visualisation.

5 thoughts on “Musing lazily about visualisation”

  1. Thanks Kevin, I will check it out. That’s the second time in a few weeks this has happened. I saw some strange links appear first, then it was clear the blog had been compromised.

  2. I was seriously trying to remember some Meatloaf lyrics at dinner last night to entertain one of my vegan daughters.

    If you haven’t seen this already, I recommend it highly.

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