How to tell if you’re Generation M

Well, not really. But probably not too far from the truth.

Try this eye test with a difference (thanks to Chris Messina for bringing it to my attention). You can buy the T-shirt via OffWorld Designs

The difference is, it’s not enough to read the chart. You have to know what it means. And when you finish, with everything correct, if you say things like w00t or meh then you’re probably from Generation M.

Or you’re Paul Downey!

11 thoughts on “How to tell if you’re Generation M”

  1. I was going to buy one of these until I found the shipping costs as much as the t-Shirt. So $40 is a little too much. I need to find a UK manufacturer.

  2. On my iTouch, if I type wtf – it immediately capitalizes the 3 letters – so the new English is embedded in the phone – being older than you JP I think an online dictionary would help though

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