Musing about rankings and classifications

A friend brought to my attention that Confused of Calcutta had slipped down the overall Wikio blog rankings, from 25th to 31st. Now I didn’t know that Wikio had rankings, or that this blog was being covered there, so I went and took a look. [Once I realised that Wikio takes a rolling 120-day view, the ranking made sense, I’ve posted very little over that period.]

I couldn’t help wryly noticing that my blog was classified as “other”. Over the years, I’ve been “banned” at work many times, as list-makers classified me in very strange ways, ranging from “gambling site” to “adult content” or words to that effect. So I’ve always wondered who assesses the blogs and awards these categories and classifications.

And so I lived with “other”, I’ve been called worse. I did wonder, however, at what Hugh Macleod would make of Gapingvoid being classified as “Technology”. I’ve always thought of Hugh as unclassifiable. Come in Alpine, are you listening?

2 thoughts on “Musing about rankings and classifications”

  1. Hi JP,

    Yes I do hope that the classification as ‘other’ is not an offensive one… I’d never really thought that it might be taken as such :)

    Our UK rankings are rather new and as such we only have a few categories, well, 4 in fact, where as our other European sites and US site have many more. We will be adding categories, but as it stands we are obviously sometimes a little pushed to find a suitable one for some blogs. If you felt your blog should be under technology I would be happy to change it?


  2. Hi Dan, thanks for noticing. The wryness was because even I don’t find my blog easy to classify. I call it a blog about information, not about technology. Regardless of what I call it, I guess I write about many things, so “other” is as good as anything else. Some people call it “general” which is probably the same thing.

    Anyway it’s not for me to choose or decide.

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