Covering all your bases

First, an apology. I have this thing about cricket, and while some of you may like it, I realise it means nothing to others, and for that I apologise. I guess I tend to write “long tail”, with different posts being of interest to different small groups.

Now cricket people tend to know very little about baseball. If you asked a budding Bill Frindall what Tinker to Evers to Chance meant to him, you’d probably be met with a blank look. Baseball’s Sad Lexicon is not part of the traditional cricket aficionado’s vocabulary.

There are some things, however, that don’t need such lexical power for their enjoyment. Things like Abbott and Costello’s Who’s On First routine. I’d heard of it a long time ago, even read the script, but for some reason never actually heard it. Then, at reboot this year, Dan Gillmor made sure I didn’t miss out. [Thanks, Dan!].

Coincidentally, Tom Raftery made a passing tweet about the same thing today, as a result of which I found a video version.

If comedy routines were chillies, this one would be a naga jolokia.

If you’re a cricket fan, see how the other side laugh. If you’re a baseball fan, get your own back. If you’re neither, sit back and relax anyway. One way or the other, watch it. It’s too good to miss.

And if you’ve seen it before, I can’t see you not seeing it again….can you?

5 thoughts on “Covering all your bases”

  1. It’s true – Ive seen that SOOOOO many times, and I still laugh. The timing and delivery is sensational … and such a simple premise!

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