“Isn’t it nice when things just work”

I first came across this some four or five years ago, when researching the web for Rube Goldberg machines. But all I saw were references to the original Honda “Cog” advertisement. More recently, since maybe 2005, there have been a number of versions on the web. This one seems the most “official”, I only came across it recently while continuing with investigations into the Rube Goldberg space.

Worth seeing if you haven’t already done so.

Why am I looking into Rube Goldberg machines? Simple. Because one day I want to build a large “marble run meets Rube Goldberg meets Heath Robinson meets perpetuum mobile“. Told you it was simple.

Why then do I bother to talk about this in a blog “about information”? Because I think there are many lessons we can learn by digging into the making of the video. Lessons like what? Like maybe there is a “the physics are different” lesson to be learnt about software development meeting virtual world. Like maybe now that a critical part of Hollywood, post-production, is encamped firmly in Bollywood, the economics change as well.

Just musing. Comments welcome.

4 thoughts on ““Isn’t it nice when things just work””

  1. This is one of my all time favourite visual experiences. I immersed myself in the videos of some of the pre-production practices and could never get tired of watching this.
    These days there are far too many abominable examples of independent creativity being ported into mainstream advertising. (Berocca stealing the “OK Go” Treadmill concept anyone
    The Honda advert is true to the original form.

  2. Thanks JP

    In every Blog of yours i am finding new things to learn about.

    I have seen the video you wrote about, but have never known it as a Rube Goldstien Machine, to that extent have read or seen a Heath Robinson Cartoon. So the Question, when did you first encounter this Term… just inquisitive ..

    lastly i was not able to relate a RG machine to hollywood outsourcing to perpetual motion… i tried .. :-))

    Happy vacations..

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