Double-decker patent disappears from moon

A week or so ago, I learnt that Dell had filed a patent on “cloud computing.” Today, Sam Johnston informs me that Dell’s Notice of Allowance for Cloud Computing has been cancelled. [Thanks, Sam!]. Incidentally, Sam is worth reading. I “discovered” him while digging around on cloud computing issues, and, serendipitously, found that he has recently taken to following jobsworth at twitter. Which is where I tend to hide.]

The entire incident reminds me of “Sunday Sport” headlines during the 1980s. Nestled between Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster, Aliens Turned My Son Into An Olive and Killer Plant Stalks Queen Mum was my favourite: Double Decker Bus Found on Moon, with a crude image of a bus slapped disproportionately on top of a photo of the moon. Why favourite? Because, next issue, they majored with : Double Decker Bus Disappears From Moon. Aided and abetted by removing said crude image of bus from photo of moon.

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  1. All these years I thought I was mad; the “bus found on the moon” headline is my most vivid memory (I saw it on the ground infront of me) of a psychedelic weekend in the cornish countryside….. Treworgey Tree Fayre, summer 1989….so it wasn’t a hallucination after all!!

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