More bridled optimism

Having watched him and tracked him for quite a while now, and with the form he’s shown in the last two majors, I cannot help but believe that Camilo Villegas will win a major soon. You heard it here first.

He has this crazy insouciance when he plays, as if it is perfectly reasonable and normal to try and birdie every hole, and to eagle a few as well. Reminds me of a young Calcavecchia, a young Gamez. A cavalier attitude that brings to mind Viv Richards and Seve Ballesteros. An attitude that yells “I’m really enjoying this”.

An attitude that says that it is perfectly normal to line up putts the way he does, shown above.

Watching the re-runs of Usain Bolt celebrating his 100m win mid-race reminded me of this one really important thing: that a sportsman must enjoy doing what he does. That every person must enjoy doing what she does. Otherwise it’s not worth doing.

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