Crunch time

I had some unusual habits when I was young. [Didn’t we all?] No, really.

I ate cockroaches. Apparently. This was when I was crawling around on all fours in Calcutta. Every now and then, my parents would hear a tell-tale crunching sound, come running to wherever I was, only to see the last vestiges of cockroach disappear down my gullet. A one-man roach exterminator. Or so I’m told.

Old habits die hard.

Which may be one of the reasons I found Catherine Chalmers’ work extraordinarily compelling. I was blown away by Safari as shown in the latest issue of Wholphin, and have ordered both her books. Amazing stuff.

Incidentally, when I was a few years older, my father taught me these lines:

Algy met a bear; the bear met Algy; the bear was bulgy; the bulge was Algy.

A whole ecosystem encapsulated in four sentences? Strange how memory works. Because that’s what came to mind when I saw this photo on Catherine’s site, and the two that followed.

Go take a look at the site, it has some wonderful stuff.

One thought on “Crunch time”

  1. Not a blog post to read over dinner :).

    Thanks for the pointer to Catherine’s work – it is truly incredible stuff! I’ve finally found a reason to want HDTV. Just missed out on the chance to see her exhibition in Edinburgh this month….

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