Byte Night

Love it or hate it, we work in a profession that has been kind to its participants over the years. Kind in terms of challenges and learning, kind in the context of personal development and career progression, kind when it comes to earnings and security. Of course, there have been peaks and troughs, redundancies and job losses, shutdowns and even meltdowns. But in the main we have much to be thankful for.

Which is why I am keen to participate in giving back whenever I get the chance.

Which brings me to Byte Night. An annual convocation of the profession, but with a difference. The convocation is late at night, in the open air, and on hard ground. Byte Night is where a couple of hundred of us sleep rough in order to raise funds for Action For Children.

Please support the event and the charity, and give.  Give generously. Please. There’s a link in the sidebar and over here.

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