some things continue to be broken

A week ago, Google reached a “landmark settlement” with authors and publishers. I saw the headline somewhere, bookmarked it, told myself I must read it later. And life carried on.

Today I started catching up on “back burner” stuff, which nowadays includes unread bookmarked material. And went to this press release.

I began to read. Authors, publishers, and Google reach landmark settlement. [Good news.] Copyright accord would make millions more books available online. [Even better.] Then I got into the small print, which I reproduce here:

If approved by the court, the agreement would provide:

  • More access to out-of-print books […. ]enabling readers in the US to search these works and preview them online
  • Additional ways to purchase copyrighted books [….] further expanding the electronic market for copyrighted books in the US [….]
  • Institutional subscriptions to millions of books online [….] offering a means for US colleges, universities and other organisations [….]
  • Free access from US libraries [….] at designated computers in US public and university libraries [….]
  • [….]

You see where it’s broken? Not Google’s fault. But it needs fixing.

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