Missing the Whale: Will we soon pay to see it?

Twitter stayed up throughout the Mumbai terrorist crisis; at least that’s the way it seemed to me, everything just worked. Never spotted the Whale.

And then today, a few minutes ago, there it was, in all its splendiferous glory, reproduced here for newcomers:

Sightings are getting rarer and more fleeting. So, according to traditional scarcity economics, we should soon be willing to pay to see it, right? :-)

One thought on “Missing the Whale: Will we soon pay to see it?”

  1. JP: That is so true! In one of my #mumbai tweets on Thursday, I said the same thing – all this and no FAIL Whale.

    Twitter’s business model however remains elusive. I wrote a recent post on monetisation models in web 2.0. The VCs seem to believe – or at least say so in interviews – that there are many business models that can be turned on any time. Is never a good time? :-)

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