The art of the possible in a digital world

Loved this story about how David Bergman set about making a 1,474 megapixel photograph of Barack Obama’s inauguration and address:

It’s an amazing photograph. The things you can do with it, how you wander round, the power of the zoom, the quality of the photograph, the sheer usability of the tools. [My retarded hippie roots showed up very soon. The first thought that came into my mind was “I wish I could have delved into the Sgt Pepper cover this way”, soon followed by thoughts about Woodstock.]

I found out about it here, because I was following Zee here.

It’s all changing. Digital objects and how they become social, as Hugh Macleod kept teaching us. How the social object, having entered conversation, creates markets, as the Cluetrain guys kept reminding us. How those markets work and expand using social software, as tools like Twitter show us. How more and more tools are becoming available to do all this.

And how the Web is at the heart of all this change.

Web changes everything.

Incidentally, talking about non-web: Can you imagine the chaos if people attached this photo to their email and sent it around that way?

5 thoughts on “The art of the possible in a digital world”

  1. You mention what chaos it would be to email pictures and I certainly agree… but why are global corporations running business by emailing excel spreadsheets? – it is creating unequivocal chaos for those of us managing them and reporting. I sent you an email in later part of December to your BT address about a small, change-the-world company in Southern California (the founder plans to fund a school as well and his operations manager loves hot sauce, just a couple of things in common) who participated on a BT Challenge Cup Team. If you would like to learn more, I would like to share his ideas…

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