Blame it on Glyn Moody

I was tagged this afternoon, by Glyn Moody. The tag requires me to

(a) republish these rules

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  • Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
  • Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
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(b) share seven (preferably less well-known) facts about myself:

  • I don’t drive. Have never driven. Tried and failed decades ago. Plan to fix it this year. Planned to fix it last year, but never got around to it….
  • I don’t swim. Never learnt to. Actually drowned once, fishermen brought my body in. Plan to fix it this year. Learnt a bit while on holiday. Love water, don’t know how to float. Panic sets in….
  • I collect books. I have over 180 different editions of Don Quixote, covering 17th-20th century. Safely in storage. Along with around 36,000 others. Ran out of money to build my library. One day….
  • I love chillies. I tend to have habanero-level chillies most days, in home-made sauce, bought sauce or raw. The capsaicin sets off an endorphin rush which I adore. Zubin Mehta is probably the only famous guy who does this….
  • I will set up a school locally when I retire in seven years time, and work there for the rest of my life. Education is a personal passion, I was very privileged to receive a good one in Calcutta. I loved school…..thanks to Abu, whom I’ve known since 1966, I am now in touch with most of my class.
  • Since leaving university I’ve never worked for a competitor. I don’t like “crossing the floor” for money…..
  • I’m vaguely bionic. I have an Implantable Cardioverter-Defribillator. The only other person I “know” with the same device is Dick Cheney (!). Went in to what cardiologists call ventricular fibrillation a couple of times in December 2006. Lucky to be alive. I thank God every day.….

(c) Tag seven people. Here goes:

Dina Mehta.

Steve Clayton.

Kevin Marks.

Laura Fitton.

Tara Hunt.

Tom Ilube.

Sig Rinde.

You have been warned. I shall be in touch. And Glyn, you now have to sign my copy of Rebel Code.

6 thoughts on “Blame it on Glyn Moody”

  1. Duly blamed. And impressed that it took you a couple of hours to complete what took me over a week – thanks for participating.

    I await with pen poised….

  2. I can vouch for your love of chillies. I remember you often asked for a side order of raw chillies when Indian restaurants didn’t have a hot enough curry on the menu!

  3. Greetings.

    I read Glyn’s blog frequently and came here by that route.

    Having just read a few of your posts, I think I’m hooked. For a number of reasons:

    1. Your enthusiasm toward education.
    2. Your eloquent and perceptive writing.
    3. Your love of Chillis!

    (I will be – quite shortly – sowing some Naga Bih Jalokia seeds which I will nurture throughout the coming year. These are the hotest chilli in the world, and at last year’s Chilli Fiesta at West Dean it was (apparently) the first time they have become available for retail purchase. How well they will fare in the UK’s climate is unclear, but I have a small green house which seems to work quite well:

    Best regards


  4. Hi Alan, welcome. Long time since I’ve been to a West Dean chilli festival, my last visit must hve been over ten years ago. Was put off by the weather, it rained most of the time.

    The Naga Jolokia (I tend to spell it with two “o”s) is definitely worth while. Let me know how you fare, you may tempt me to grow my own!

  5. @JP

    The last four years I’ve visited the festival we have been granted heat from the sky as well as from the food! Although I was lucky last year, I picked the Sunday morning to go – the only dry and sunny period.

    Thanks for the spelling correction. I don’t know where I picked that aberration up from…

    Growing you own is fairly easy. The cayenne type are excellent starters and they crop well, as do the birds-eye chilli. The bonnet varieties do need a bit more TLC and germinating early on hence I will be starting them off – indoors – probably next weekend.


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