Love’s labours gained

I was delighted to hear of this: Someone called JS van Buskirk in Atlanta, Georgia, has now written Shakespeare’s entire oeuvre in tweets, one play at a time. Here’s the link.

“JS” has done quite a good job: I tried to guess the play by reading her tweeted synopsis (shielding the abbreviated title, of course), and managed to get most of them right. My favourite is probably Henry V:

Bad-ass Henry V kicks France’s butt with a rag-tag army, many long-bows, and excellent speeches. Henry then marries a French princess.

More than anything else, I like the passion portrayed by such an act. The passion that propels someone to take all of Shapespeare’s plays and convert them into tweets, not for fame or fortune, but for the sheer joy of it. Just for the craic, as it were.

And talking about passionate people, what about this story? The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust. Their mission is:

To Build And Operate A Peppercorn Class A1 Pacific Steam Locomotive for Main Line and Preserved Railway Use

19 years. £3m. Making a maiden journey to London today.

Love’s labours gained.

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