Strumming my phone with his fingers

There’s a common mondegreen to do with Killing Me Softly With His Song: apparently, people hear the first words as “strumming my fate with his fingers” rather than “strumming my pain with his fingers”. But the title of this post is no mondegreen:

Yes, there’s now a decent guitar app for the iPhone: PocketGuitar, available for download from the Apple iPhone AppStore. It’s been around for a while, but only recently made available via the store.

As long as you’re not particularly finicky or pedantic about your music, it’s pretty good and a really enjoyable app. If you want to understand the possibilities take a look at this video of Every Breath You Take. It’s been put together using an iPod Touch, PocketGuitar, DigiLite, MiniPiano, GarageBand and iMovie.

How did I find this app? Via Twitter. Here’s the tweet that sent me haring off to check the app out:

Yes, it’s that Roger McGuinn. You can follow him on Twitter here.

Incidentally, I’ve really loved writing this post, because it helps me understand the sheer power and simplicity of the web for sharing information in a useful manner. The tools available, the magic of being able to link, the ease with which multimedia collateral can be added.

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  1. JP:

    The title made me laugh out loud. :-) Since you are a music guy and a guitar player you surely know of that orchard of mondegreens:

    My favourite: ‘Let’s pee in the corner, let’s pee in the spotlight…’ (REM’s Losing My Religion goes to the high street on a weekend evening!)

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