FailWhale extinction?

Tried to get to twitter. Came across this instead:


I want my Fail Whale back!


4 thoughts on “FailWhale extinction?”

  1. Interesting background to this, I note that the artist did not have an ‘expectation’ that she would reap any rewards from the graphic…..its funny how unexpectedly events turn out.

    In any business this supports the ‘google like’ cponcept of personal projects and how, even when an outcome is unexpected the benefits can be many, many times the expectation….a real world example of this theory in action that can counter many a ‘nay sayer! – corporations observe, change or wither ;-)

    link enclosed…

  2. Aha. You finally got past the spam trap. I think it’s because you didn’t have a whole pile of links within your comment….

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