Thinking about #ashtags

Interesting times. I’m in San Francisco on Ribbit work, and it looks like I might be here for some time, thanks to the fallout from the Icelandic volcanic eruptions. I’m scheduled to fly out Tuesday, let’s see what happens. No point fretting about what I cannot change.

There’s always a bright side. Like finding out that the hashtag for related incidents is #ashtag. Or discovering this site, flightradar24, which plots the positions of all planes in the air, identifying each plane by its callsign. Blue crosses are airports. Yellow planes are … you guessed it.

2 thoughts on “Thinking about #ashtags”

  1. JP, thanks for sharing this, incredible tool! Another instance of transparency.. who hasn’t glanced at the omnipresent map/trajectory on long flights.. what’s more natural than haven’t it everywhere, all the time? Next step: right click on the plane to get passengers who opt in for that service. After that.. right click to chat ,^)

    All the best for getting home expeditiously.. Bay Area not a shabby place to get stuck, though, so another bright side. Cheers

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