Smorgasbord 3

Here’s another smattering of open tabs, stuff I’m looking into, stuff I’m thinking about. Incidentally, I considered moving the Smorgasbord tab sweep series on to tumblr, then decided to keep it here for now. What do you think?

1. Jim Rokos Design: A truly bizarre set of design projects, some mesmerising, some not-safe-for-drinking-coffee-while-reading (in case you do yourself an injury). I came across Jim’s work as part of my research into sharing by design. Here’s a classic example of his work, wineglasses where two people have to cooperate in order for either to be able to drink. Check his site out. I’m particularly bemused by Leaping Rabbit.


2. xkcd. No real introduction needed for Randall Munroe’s brilliance. Even if you’re a hardened and blase fan, he still has the capacity to delight. We live in Occupy times. So his recent poster on money is apposite and a stupendous piece of work. Please go to his site and take a look, it’s worth it.

3. Streaming news: Not a good time to be selling pepper spray. Witness the reviewer comments on this product.

4. Calcutta 1945: The University of Pennsylvania’s wonderful collection of Clyde Waddell photographs of Calcutta around the end of World War II. Here’s a sample, showing what open outcry really meant at the Calcutta Stock Exchange. Intriguingly, everyone wore white.

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