Into late 60s – early ’70s music? then try this:

I made this collage up for the previous post. Some of my favourite albums from that time. See how many you can guess without enlarging the photo.

12 thoughts on “Into late 60s – early ’70s music? then try this:”

  1. WOW, Lot’s of good music there. Music of the chronologically gifted. Back when it was Rock and Roll. Would have added a couple Frank Zappa and more Grateful Dead.

  2. @dave yes I wish I could have found more space for more Dead, had quite a few in there already. But I wanted the batch of CSNY alone and together, the Dylans, the Beatles (real hard to leave so many out), Simon and Garfunkel, Traffic, it just got hard…. Only two Tulls….One Steely Dan. I think Rolling Stone went for a 500 number for good reason….I can choose 3000 decent albums between 1966 and 1975. Yes, those were the days.

  3. Recently owned Bridge over Troubled Water and Dark Side of the Moon. Perhaps too busy being boring reading engineering at uni. Followed by leaning how turn sheep over on Salisbury Plain and everything about Signals at Blandford. I emerged into the Jam, Depeche Mode, Clash era. Yet, I’m only 4 years younger, Weird.

  4. @clive, I suspect there’s a subtle reason why you went one way and I went the second. I grew up in India. It was during LP time with cassettes just emerging, and there were physical reasons for delays in releasing albums. So we saw the albums eighteen months to two years after release, if not longer. That made my sixties last longer into my seventies, and my early seventies blot out the glam rock years that followed, so that my tastes were well formed before punk came in.

  5. Live at Leeds came out in May 1970 (though I didn’t get my hands on one till 1976). It’s included already in the selection, row 2 from the bottom, just under the Queen album. Fair point about the BB King, just didn’t have the space.

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