Musing gently about filter bubbles and trends

Here’s what’s trending on Twitter right now:

And here are the top stories on Google News:

Here’s what the BBC News site has at top billing:

I tried to even the field. So the twitter trends were set to “Global”, I finally overrode Google’s very irritating attempts to point me towards rather than, and I left the BBC News homepage untouched.

Zero connection between Twitter and Google, even though technically soccer stories made in on to both. One story in common between Google and BBC News.

Just something to bear in mind. There’s a lot we need to think about, in terms of filtering and censorship and filter bubbles; a lot to think about in terms of the impact of the locations of publisher and of subscriber; a lot to think about in terms of publisher-level algorithmic representation of trends, and subscriber-level selection of preferences.

What are your experiences? How does your area and environment compare?


3 thoughts on “Musing gently about filter bubbles and trends”

  1. Hazard a guess Twitter and Google consumer sites above haven’t added tag filters to finely tune personalized news streams (reducing content differences) as we’d expect in the enterprise because the filters curtail follower behaviors.

    Discontinued after Google+ appeared Aardvark had an ability to tag your own profile so that questions algorithmically routed on Google Chat from your network of contacts were only on subjects you were interested in answering (and seeing).

    Does it mean the first social network to blink and add filters becomes enterprise default…(gist of your post…)?

    Aaardvark “aka” GoogVark

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