The Friday question: 20 April 2012

Thought I would try something out for a while. Every Friday, I will post an unGoogleable question. When it’s an image, I will make sure it’s unTineye-able. If it’s music, I will make sure it’s unShazam-able. [And yes, I understand that something that’s unGoogleable today becomes Googleable tomorrow. That’s the nature of the internet and the Web].

So here goes. Today’s question is simple. Who is this?



If this becomes popular then I’ll publish a list of “winners” at the end of every month, along with a year-to-date table. First correct answer via comment here on this blog, on facebook, on twitter or on Google+.

23 thoughts on “The Friday question: 20 April 2012”

  1. Fun idea :) This reminds me of the View From Your Window contest — have you run into it? As you might imagine, it’s a blog upon which views from windows are posted; the people are the internet are tasked with figuring out which window the view is taken from.

    What’s amazing is how rapidly it can be solved!

    Fewer posts of late, though. Anyway, it’s here:

  2. @sudharsan, @JP – Interesting resource for another picture of Jesse Owens, the “Encyclopedia of Alabama”. It’s interesting that it is not a wiki, has a somewhat strict copyright license and a top-down editorial guidelines. Just some food for thought…

  3. Great idea and I’m seriously impressed that this image is not indexed anywhere else on Google or similar, that must be the longest part of deciding on a question :)
    Great job

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