Musing lazily about filter bubbles

Life is getting more and more delicious every day.

Today I learnt, via my Facebook feed, that “Apple’s Siri thinks the Nokia Lumia 900 is the best smartphone ever”

Okay, that got my attention. I read a little more, decided to look into some of the other posts, and found this:



So someone from Apple must have cottoned on to what’s happening. And made some changes. [Incidentally, there is a YouTube video of the original unchanged version here.]

Which made me wonder. Why did it even happen in the first place? How come Siri thought so?

So I looked lazily into Siri, trying to find out whatever I could about its information sources. How would Siri go about answering the question?

Which led me to this:

When I saw that something in my head went bing!




3 thoughts on “Musing lazily about filter bubbles”

  1. Pointer to CXOs to make their firms more valuable by publishing APIs opening up information or suffer from not doing so.

  2. Hmm – “Wisdom of Crowds, the Corollary?”

    Increasing the number of data sources – especially when some of those sources have differing political agendas – decreases the predictability of answers…

  3. @clive @dave yes, you point out two different issues that will crop up more and more. Holding up good sources, and the consequences thereof. And merging competitive sources. In both cases I would hope the tension is about opinion and not fact.

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