The Friday Question: 1st June 2012

Name the odd one out and why.


  • Alan Fitzgerald
  • Bruce Arnold
  • Ulysses Lynch
  • David Baines


Those of you who’ve been attempting the Friday Question know the rules. There aren’t any. Use whatever means you have to find the answer. My job is to try and construct a question whose answer cannot be Googled at the time I set it. Sometimes the question is pictorial. Sometimes it’s in text. I will try to construct them in audio and video as well, sometime over the summer.

David Baines

4 thoughts on “The Friday Question: 1st June 2012”

  1. @Michael you’re close. But no cigar as yet.
    @clive Alan Fitzgerald and Bruce Arnold are listed as musicians in Wikipedia; that much is true. But neither Ulysses Lynch nor David Baines has a listing.
    @DE see comment to Michael. He was closer to the cigar.

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