The Friday Question: 8 June 2012

Continuing with my weekly series on questions for which you cannot google the answers.

What one word connects the following:

  • A place famous for world land speed records
  • A fictional lingerie emporium
  • A Poe poem
  • The stage musical The Music Man

As usual I shall wait a few days before giving you any clues.


6 thoughts on “The Friday Question: 8 June 2012”

  1. Hmmm. I took a chance that not many of my readers would be hardened Wodehousians. Hardened enough to remember Eulalie Soeurs. But I should have known you were a likely candidate, Kevin. My bad.

    Incidentally some years ago I bought a cow-creamer. Because I could.

  2. I didn’t know any of the clues offhand, but I thought the fictional lingerie shop was the best lever, and I was right — once I saw that I was offered a Wodehousian article, I was sure I was on the right track, and the shop name stood out.. The rest were trivially confirmable via Google after that.

  3. Ok next time I will leave out the word “fictional” before lingerie…. Too many of my readers are readers!

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