The Friday Question: 29 June 2012

Yes, I’m still catching up after my hospitalisation. Give me till the end of this month and I should be there.

Usual rules. I’m trying to construct questions for which the answer can’t be googled. Which means I’m actually constructing them, making them up. So far they’ve been about science, maths, literature, politics, sport, there hasn’t been an overriding theme. And there probably won’t be one, except insofar as my own taste and experience create anchors and frames around the subject matter.

So here’s today’s question. Name the odd one out and why. The why is very important. Silvio Berlusconi. Cliff Richard. Hosni Mubarak. Robin Gibb.


5 thoughts on “The Friday Question: 29 June 2012”

  1. Hosni Mubarak worked with but didn’t holiday with Tony Blair unlke the other three. I knew Gibb & Cliff would be pals, then searched for them plus Berlusconi and was reminded of the Blair connection.

  2. All except Hosni Mubarak have been professional singers with a recording career. This is Googleable, of course :-)

  3. I have to confess there are two answers to my question. In both cases the answer is Hosni Mubarak. As Simon and Kalyan Raman say the other three have had professional singing careers. But the answer I was looking for was that Tony Blair had vacationed at homes owned by the other three; while he had vacationed in Egypt courtesy Mubarak as well, it was at a hotel and technically the favour was granted by the hotel owner, not Mubarak.

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