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Twitter friend and HR/Talent guru Gautam Ghosh is known for his sense of humour; I had the chance to observe that close at hand when he called me “the Yoda of #socbiz”. Talk about making me feel old! Old enough to know he meant it as a big compliment!

I *had* to reply in kind.

So I said the first thing that came to mind in mutated (mutilated?) Yoda-speak:

When you look at the social side, careful you must be ….. for the social side looks back

I’ve thought about it since. And you know something? Yoda’s right. Companies would do well to bear that in mind.

The social side looks back.




4 thoughts on “careful you must be”

  1. This is really important, and presents some really interesting opportunities. I think it’s Uber Taxi (the one that had some conflict in NYC)… the obvious thing is that when you call a car, you can rate the driver.

    What happens when the driver can rate the passenger? Bad tipper. A**hole. Next time the passenger calls for a taxi, maybe drivers take a different fare.

    What other businesses could take this approach and how would it change things?

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