Of certainties and doubts

Still continuing with my experiment, in writing on medium and cross-posting here. I tried it the other way some years ago and it died a death. Let’s see.

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  1. Whether you choose to publish on a hosted WordPress.org site, Medium or some other channel doesn’t matter IMHO. As long as your discoverable, linkable and your material endures those are the most important things.

  2. Hi JP, on a slightly different topic. I read the section regarding your passion about education.
    I am sure moment you will get chance, there will be a school which will bring students, teachers and sources of knowledge ever closer with each pupil getting equal opportunity to learn and progress (and being happy). This is the biggest gift one can give back to the community. Education impacts lives of so many people who are directly or indirectly connected.
    In 2006, my four friends (from engineering school days) and I started a school in a remote village in of one of the most underdeveloped district in Uttar Pradesh state (India). We had a vision to provide quality and modern education to the rural children of the vicinity who were hitherto devoid of any such facility. At that time many children travelled approximately 30-40 kms every day to reach school. Today, we have more than 850 students. Last year, our first batch of students flew to different nests… joining universities, 2 went for the Medicine, 1 to National Defence Academy, 3 are aspiring to be engineers, some want to join politics and some want to be economist.
    Kind Regards / Arvind

  3. Medium is definitely at a tipping point. Been getting a magazine going and the organic traffic is interesting. https://medium.com/future-of-data

    Like the wordpress plugin. I’ve been doing the same posting at wordpress > medium. I also love this style of simple full frame picture and Forbes like text which I now see popping up in all kinds of wordpress themes.

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