Lazily musing about sharing

Serendipity is a wondrous thing.  Yesterday, as I did my leisurely trawl through the three hundred or so people I read regularly, I came across Tom Foremski’s intriguing post. Is Skype A Social Network? That set me off on a gentle, aimless wander on what makes a network social. Then, a little while later, I … Continue reading “Lazily musing about sharing”

Musing lazily about omum water and open data and related things

Have you ever heard of omum water? Once I was old enough to be given it, omum water was my salvation every time I had any kind of stomach ailment. It goes by many names. Some people call it aqua ptychotis. In Bengal, people tend to refer to it as ajwain arak. In Tamil Nadu, … Continue reading “Musing lazily about omum water and open data and related things”

Musing lazily about work and play

A decade ago, soon after becoming Global CIO at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, I started looking into how I could embed what we now call “social software” into the everyday operations of that institution. By that time we were already pioneers in the use of wikis, we were already well established in our use of instant … Continue reading “Musing lazily about work and play”

Musing lazily about the Digital Divide

According to the International Telecommunications Union, and as referred to in Wikipedia, this was the state of the Global Digital Divide in 2010. Digital divides come in many forms: between continents, between countries, within countries; between age groups, between genders, between professions. There are even digital divides between companies and customers, particularly if the company’s … Continue reading “Musing lazily about the Digital Divide”

Musing lazily about filter bubbles

Life is getting more and more delicious every day. Today I learnt, via my Facebook feed, that “Apple’s Siri thinks the Nokia Lumia 900 is the best smartphone ever” Okay, that got my attention. I read a little more, decided to look into some of the other posts, and found this:     So someone … Continue reading “Musing lazily about filter bubbles”