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The Sign of Three

Over the last seven years or so I’ve read the Cluetrain Manifesto maybe five times, cover to cover. By that you could probably figure out that I like the book. A bit.

During that time, it’s been my privilege to get to know three of the four authors pretty well, and to count them as my friends: Chris Locke, Doc Searls and David Weinberger. In fact as chance would have it I have met and spent time with different cluetrainers in 4 different countries.

Yet, in all that time, I’ve never been able to meet all three at the same time. Until today:


It was really good to see Chris, I hadn’t seen him for a few years. We share many interests and attitudes, including of all things a birthday. I turn 50 in less than a week; Chris, in typical larger-than-life form, has to go and outdo that and make 60 on the same day. Oh well. Incidentally, completely serendipitously, Doc has a family birthday on the same day. As does Neil Young, one of my favourite artists, who happens to be playing in Denver today.

I couldn’t get tickets for the Neil Young concert, but I did get something else I’d been waiting a long time for: a triple-signed first-edition Cluetrain (yes, I’m crazy enough to have carried one around waiting for just this opportunity!). The Sign of Three.

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  1. Euan Semple says

    So that’s what Rick Levine looks like!


  2. Thomas Otter says

    I’d call that copy a social object par excellence.

  3. John Dodds says

    Now that’s what I call convergence – it no doubt explains the suddenly bright comet too.

  4. JP says

    Strange isn’t it, just how much pleasure I derived from being with those guys yesterday. Glad a few of you share the feeling.

    Incidentally, Tom, happy birthday.

  5. jeneane says

    now THAT is a picture.

    Happy early birthday, JP! I’m so glad you shared your Denver experience with the rest of us near and far. Thank you!

  6. RB says

    Jesus, who’s the ugly fat guy on the right?

  7. madame l. says

    Who is taking the picture? Spoiled for choice, really, but I’m gonna havta go with the guy on the extreme right. So too speak. (Word choice on purpose, Frank, if you are reading this.)

  8. Kombinat! says

    RB, that’s not Jesus on the right! That’s Budda and he is supposed to be a bit on the fat side.

  9. fp says

    Happy Birthday, JP. Based on the background, I think maybe Richard Wright took the picture?

  10. Michael O'Connor Clarke says

    Happy belated birthday, JP.

    As for the photo, clearly Doctor Weinberger has a picture in the attic. RB and Doc at least have the common decency to look their age, dammit :-)

  11. Coe62 says

    Happy birthday JP – shame you didnt get to the gig.
    I saw / posted this on my blog and thought you’d like it

  12. nitiagha says

    this is so so much cool.. getting to meet one’s idols…

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