Four Pillars: Manipulating information: Look Ma…. Hands

One of the questions I used to pose to the graduate intake here was this:

How do you think people will interact with information in five years time? Will it be analogous to (a) (b) Excel (c) Green Screen (d) Google (e) XBox? [I avoided giving them (f) Blue Screen of Death]

All I was trying to do was to make them think. Get them to discover for themselves that all the answers are correct, that the way people interact with information is about personal choice. That it has to do with facility and comfort zone and familiarity and je ne sais quoi. To each his own. If it works for you, it works.

And that we have to build systems that bear this in mind.
If you want to take a walk up memory lane,  watch this video. I found it compelling watching.
Puts a whole new meaning to manipulating information. This kind of manual labour I could get into.

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