Four Pillars: Preparing for Generation M

I’m sure you’ve done it hundreds of times. Gone on a random walk around the web, triggered by something you saw somewhere. Well, it was my turn yesterday.

I was getting my head together preparing for a long-delayed post. WordPress Dashboard up, the specific New Scientist article (that triggered the post in the first place) beside me. Sitting comfortably. Fingers poised, hovering above remote Apple keyboard. About to press Write Post.
And then off I went like a distracted cat. No more “elegantly poised to strike” mode.
Photo Matt had posted something about WordPress Accounts, and for some strange reason I had to take a look. Blogger’s cramp? I hear you say…. Wishful thinking -)
And that journey took me here. A conference on Connecting and Collaborating in Ottawa.

Subtitled Online Tools for the Classroom.

Take a look at the agenda. I have no idea how good the conference was, the quality of the presenters, the content, the attendees, anything.

But the agenda was enough for me. If this is now mainstream then Generation M is here. Now.

Maybe Clarence Fisher or Judy Breck or someone else knowledgeable about what’s happening in this space, (maybe Nolind Whachell?) could comment.

I am amazed. I don’t think we can get boards of public companies to attend conferences with that kind of agenda. Nor governments.  Maybe this is happening all over the world, and I am completely unaware. I’m not proud, I’m quite happy to be proven completely uninformed about this sort of thing.

Let me know what you think

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