Four Pillars: Thinking about Path Pollution

Dave The LifeKludger has really made me think.

It’s not about Net Neutrality and Two-Tier Internets and Who Pays? and Look at All this Video Uploading and Of Course Google and eBay can afford it.

It’s about people putting stairs and turnstiles everywhere and building doors too narrow for wheelchairs and baby buggies; it’s about cluttering up fire routes and emergency exits.

It’s about disenfranchisement of a large body of people, disenfranchisement in the context of affordability of lines and devices, in the context of access to information, in the context of free speech.

The innovation and co-creation are actually byproducts; the core issue is the level of unnecessary and wasteful disenfranchisement, bordering on criminal insanity. Those are the grounds to use.

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