Move Over YouTube, Here Comes HeTube

At the rate that contributions are growing, there’s going to be a whole section of the internet dedicated to Senator Stevens. I think it only fair that it gets called HeTube.

Thanks to Cory for this PowerPoint presentation, which will make everything clear to people who have not been able to follow the articles, comments, transcripts and MP3s.


3 thoughts on “Move Over YouTube, Here Comes HeTube”

  1. Hi JP

    I stumbled just now upon a reference in another blog, while googling, to your piece on the 1949 record of poets’ readings purchased by you.

    This is Chutki, from your class in St Xavier’s College, Calcutta.

    I hope this helps to re-establish contact!

    You might like to visit my blog at:

  2. Hi Chutki, good to hear from you. Will take a look at the blog, stay in touch. Regards JP
    BTW I am still trying to figure out which particular interest of yours led to a link to my 1949 recording post :-)

  3. Hi JP

    Very glad to hear from you!

    I remembered you just now while reading a report a friend had done, for which I had provided some assistance. I think it touches upon your interests.

    Take a look at:

    I was googling on blogs on Calcutta, when that post of yours on the 1949 record came up.

    I have been visiting London every November for the last 3 years, on my way back from a trade fair in Germany where our company exhibits (MEDICA / Duesseldorf). I visit family and friends there. Would be great if we could meet on my next visit.



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