Four Pillars: More on the DOPA sledgehammer

I’ve now spent time reading through comments and coverage on the web, and came across Vicki Davis’s blog and post on the subject. It’s an absolute must-read. She knows what she is talking about.

Her point on the number of comments being made by people who have not read the Bill is itself worth noting. While I did read the Bill, I did not have the contextual knowledge she so clearly has, as to how schools in the US manage access to social software today. So I’m very grateful for her insights.

Anyone interested in the use of social software in education must read her post and her detailed critique of the Bill. There’s so much there for me to absorb and learn from. Thank you Vicki.

3 thoughts on “Four Pillars: More on the DOPA sledgehammer”

  1. Thank you for the compliment. I hope many people will get educated and ask educators who know what is going on. I am very concerned about what will happen when this legislation passes (as I’m afraid it will!)

  2. Thanks Vicki. I don’t have much of a readership, but will do my level best to propagate the message. I have always seen social software as an incredible tool for education, and believe the web can genuinely make the process of education better and more affordable for all.

    I have three children (20, 14 and 8 !) and try my best to learn from them as well as teach them.

    BTW I know that Clarence Fisher occasionally reads my blog, so I hope to learn from his comments as well; and I will follow up on the other links you provide.

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