Four Pillars: A Rose By Any Other Name….

Saw this in the Times today. A cosmetics company convinces the Dutch Supreme Court that one of its “fragrances” should be copyrighted; I can only infer that it couldn’t win the case on patent or trademark bases…. and given that the “original” retails at £40, and the “copy” at £3, I’m not meant to be surprised.

Whatever next. And people wonder why I call myself Confused.

One thought on “Four Pillars: A Rose By Any Other Name….”

  1. I am equally confused. It is difficult, if not impossible, to make a call on that one from the public record. Unfortunately the alledged copiers did not think enough about IP and how to build in some armour against this kind of attanck.

    I do however have a serious concern for how copyright is being bent, strech and bent out of shape, as if it was the new moral bibilical right to anything and everything. I want my copyrights protected on every single thought that I have ever had!!! I want them protected and then I want them enforced, but that would be sheer insanity, wouldn’t it?

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