Snakes on A Different Plane

It had to happen. Second Life meets S.O.A.P. Check this out.

Looks like machinima is the next word for my vocabulary after minihompy. Not neologisms, just new to me. I live and learn.
This week, Second Life has already had Suzanne Vega and Howard Rheingold, they’re due to have Kurt Vonnegut Jr tonight, and (for those somewhat younger than me) Duran Duran have recently bought a virtual island to perform on. See this schedule if you want to get an idea of what’s happening.
It’s funny how people keep asking “Where are the aggregators?” I wonder what they think a Google or eBay or Amazon or Youtube or Wikipedia or Technorati or Second Life are.

Some parts of the Second Life model are fascinating. I particularly like the way the medium (can I call it that? I’m not used to saying metaverse, but I guess I’ll learn) allows both scarcity and abundance to coexist for the same product. It’s not far different from getting, say, Reuters prices at a premium instantly, or free-to-air with a fifteen minute delay. This can be done in isolation in Second Life. By the time you factor in other universes, so to say, we’re going to see some interesting shifts in what abundances and shortages can mean.

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