More on Project ROIs

Following on from a variety of posts in the blogosphere (including his own), Dennis Howlett has written a serious and considered kernel for what could be a really worthwhile discussion on Project ROIs. Please do read it and respond accordingly, Dennis makes an open invitation calling for participation.

In a strange kind of way, maybe we can “prove” the value of blogging, the “ROI” of blogging, by using blogs to develop a sensible way of measuring project ROI….

2 thoughts on “More on Project ROIs”

  1. Thanks for your support on this JP – as an accountant by training I’m trying to wrest myself from pre-conceptions but without losing sight of the requirement to locate this discussion in some sort of common measurement system. I know it is tough, Part of my reasoning was guided by your recollections on this topic.

    It’s a very hard road to tread but one I believe will serve everyone if ‘we’ can find a way through.

    Must be located in the social for it to matter.

    Birthing pains perhaps?

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