A sign of the times

Clarence Fisher alerted me to this:

A version of David Weinberger’s Small Pieces Loosely Joined for children. What a wonderful idea. [Don’t worry, David, I won’t shanghai you into signing this one as well!]

And it got me thinking.

I will know that something significant has happened when the reverse takes place. When I see books published on blogs and wikis and chat and social networks, explicitly targeting the over 65s or something like that.

Or should I make that the over 25s? :-)

One thought on “A sign of the times”

  1. Thanks for this one. In a country like India, with nuclear families increasing by the day, the net is a most potent means for senior citizens to keep in touch with their children, to stay abreast of what is happening in the world, to do their banking and their shopping.
    Sadly, a large percentage of India’s senior citizens are befuddled and intimidated by the web, and Weinberger’s “book “would be a great starting point to get comfortable with the new medium.
    And in India (perhaps in China as well) vernacular versions would be enormously useful.
    I’ve mailed the link to a number of professionals interested in the web space (including newspapers and TV channels) and David can expect significant traffic from India!
    Thanks, David.

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