Continuing musings on nurture versus nature

Take a look at this video on YouTube, of a four-year-old playing drums. [Thanks to David Peskowitz at Boing Boing for the heads-up].

If you feel like it, search for four-year-old+drumming on YouTube, and see how many different hits you get.

Many people may use things like this to propagate a “nature wins” argument. I’m doing the opposite.

Everyone needs role models. Even four-year-olds. Especially four-year-olds. They need to see the Art of the Possible.

Until things like YouTube came along, the search and transmission costs for these disaggregated role models was too high. But now we have liftoff.

Just a thought.

One thought on “Continuing musings on nurture versus nature”

  1. Funnily enough, I was discussing your previous ‘nurture wins’ post with my trainer this morning. These conversations extend all over the place. (She agrees with you wholeheartedly, btw.)

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