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Looks like a few people like NewtailBlog; as Dave points out, people have tried it before, with varying levels of success.

Not everyone likes it, or maybe Sid was making some other point. That’s a prerogative that every one of us must have.

Stephen’s comment, following up on Sid’s, mentions the “rehearsal” attraction of blogging. I think that’s what Doc Searls meant when he said that blogging was provisional. For sure I use blogs to help me think things through, to improve my understanding of things, to learn from the bouquets and the brickbats.

So anyway.

Staying with . I was privileged to have quite a few really talented bloggers at the last place I worked, and want to use this opportunity to introduce them to you:

Sean Park A great read for all kinds of subjects, but particularly on digital markets
Malcolm Dick Malc is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever known, objective and dispassionate
Phil Dawes He was the first real external blogger at the bank, and is a tour de force on the semantic web amongst other things. An absolute must-read for those more technically minded
Dominic Sayers Like Malc, a very thoughtful guy with real insights on aspects of IT, well worth tracking

Can’t remember where I saw it, but I recall someone describing Einstein as having real trouble with understanding things that others considered obvious.

Maybe that’s what real curiosity is. Having trouble with understanding the obvious, while having the passion to do something about it.
That’s what Sean, Malc, Phil and Dom do. And they’re my NewTailBlogs for today.

Let me know what you think

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