a period of inactivity

I will be quiet for a week or two as I recuperate from some medical complications.

In the meantime, I wish all my readers and the extended community the best of the season. For those that celebrate it, Merry Christmas.

And may 2007 bring you a whole new time.

19 thoughts on “a period of inactivity”

  1. I wish you a peaceful, quiet time JP. Get well soon and keep your chin up – I’m sure all that Leonard Cohen will help :)

  2. Get well soon! I love your label/tag/category “stupidity” as it reassures me that it may be just a little invonvenience and nothing too serious.

  3. Thanks everyone. Sig, do me a favour and get in touch with bernadette Williams at BT via the predictable
    [email protected]

    She is expecting to hear from you.

    Dannie, the stupidity was a reference to a myocardial infarction I had on Wednesday.

  4. Dear JP, I am very concerned to hear of your myocardial infarction. My prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery, and being back on your feet. But this is also going to call for some major changes on your part. You had written that you had given up smoking. That is fantastic, and I hope I will be able to follow suit. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. Best, chutki

  5. prayers and best wishes… i was traveling and didn’t read the blog…

    best and a speedy recovery…


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