a milestone of sorts

Clustrmaps tells me that I had my 100,000th unique visitor yesterday.

It means very little right now, as an industry we have much to sort out in this respect.

The move away from page impressions to unique users. The period over which that uniqueness is defined. The role of different browsers and aggregators. The impact of corporate ISPs and firewalls. What happens when IP addresses get reused within a given time period.

In many ways it doesn’t matter to people like you and me. People who have no intention of monetising the traffic (what an awful phrase, almost as bad as content management or CRM or DEM).

But it could matter to us, and we need to take care.

Identity is a natural place to go. People will soon work out that the uniqueness is best defined by identity and not by IP address or similar.

So identity will get hijacked, from something personal to you and me, to something üsed by ad agencies to measure reach and traffic and eyeballs and I don’t know what else.

You have been warned. We have been warned.

5 thoughts on “a milestone of sorts”

  1. Hi Jayashree, I’m much better, thanks. Checking out of hospital today,angioplasty done, need to come back next Tuesday for a pacemaker. Then I’m right as rain. Love to all in Cal.

  2. Hi JP,

    what a great surprise to see a new post that quickly! That must mean you are feeling better and recover fast. All my best and take care. Christmas period should give you some additional peace and quietness.

    With regards to identity I’m not too concerned. The risk of us to loose our identity ourselves is higher than any potential hijacking. Just think of how many contexts you live in and how many different ways of expressing yourself you use in those. Who from an outside view should bring all those facettes together if even we struggle sometimes to understand clearly who we are…

    In essence your blog with all the different views to our world encourages many of us to live their life in all its broadness and use all the talents we have, even if they are offsite the mainstream.

  3. JP,

    I’m glad to know that you’re feeling better.

    Didn’t know that you had a blog until Sreepriya mentioned it yesterday. Some musings do bring back wonderful memories of another time… it seems so far away.

    I will be in Cal in Jan ’07, and will get the Skinny Alley signed album for you!

    Meanwhile, I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas and wish you and the family the very best for the New Year.

    Also, please do let me know when you’re taking calls.

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