cognitive biases

Paul Downey pointed me towards this article:

The graphics, comments and general editorial whatchamacallit make it sufficiently different from the wikipedia entry so as to make your journey worthwhile.

2 thoughts on “cognitive biases”

  1. Great link. I think I will print that out and keep it by my desk for quick reference. Actually I may cut and paste it as a note into my blackberry so I have have it ready in meetings! I may print it on a checkerboard for my risk managers so we can play “cognitive bias bingo” during meetings!

    On an unrelated note I just finished reading Wikinomics and I was thrilled that you got a mention! It did, however, bring up an interesting conundrum of the new connected world. I finished the section of the book that mentioned you and then I turned to my wife and said, “that’s only the second time I’ve ever read a book that mentions someone I know *pause* shit I don’t really know him but I read his blog.”

    Somehow it seems less connected to just say “this book mentioned someone who’s blog I read.”


  2. Doc searls arranged a bloggers dinner in new York many years ago, to introduce people who had known each other for years but never met. In that sense you already know me, we just haven’t met. But we will. I think I have met almost half my regular readers over the years.

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