Thank God for blogging and Mog and Tilly

How else would I have come across the delightful adventures of Mog and Tilly, as created by Jenny Bartle? fabulous stuff.

Just how did I get there? Well, no blog is an island. So when WordPress and Technorati tell me that someone’s linked to me, I go and check. And wander around aimlessly. And read. It’s one of the ways I discover new blogs.

Today I found a link coming in from Bill MacKenty, rooted around his blog, and (given my passion for that weird space where information technology meets education) linked to him straightaway. While reading his stuff, something stuck in my head, way in the back of my head. Richard Bartle. Didn’t he write some book on virtual worlds? Something stirred deep in my memory, so I had to check. See whether the Richard Bartle that Bill MacKenty recommended was the same Richard Bartle I’d read.

And bingo. Richard Bartle. The very same guy. Another fascinating read.

So much to do, so little time. If that’s the way you feel go visit Jenny Bartle’s site and read her Mog and Tilly cartoons.

One thought on “Thank God for blogging and Mog and Tilly”

  1. Thank you for the link, JP!! I read your RSS daily, and try to fold your ideas into my daily work in technology in education.

    I’m honestly honored you visited. Richard Bartle is a hero of mine – I’m a text-based gaming aficionado, and his book “Designing Virtual Worlds” is a masterpiece. Text-based gaming is alive and well, by the way (take a peek at or or

    On my list of things to before I die, is buy him a few beers (although I’ll need to travel to England).

    Thank you again for your link and attention :-)

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