Citizen media of a different sort

This story warmed the cockles of my heart, and made me realise yet again the true extent of disenfranchisement. It also made me continue to dream about the ways in which Web 2.0 can accelerate re-enfranchisement. It’s a story about a man who’s been hand-writing a paper for the past 21 years, photocopying it and making it available to subscribers using various ways and means.

While on the subject of citizen media, it’s been instructive to watch what’s been happening in Bangladesh via the blogosphere and via MSM. Vive la difference.

3 thoughts on “Citizen media of a different sort”

  1. While not on such an epic scale, this is also true for education. This is one reason we blog, podcast, etc. with kids in classrooms; to give them a voice in a world where children typically don’t have one. It also gives them practice being in a world where they have a unique opportunity to be in “the conversations” as much as any adult.

  2. Hi Clarence, nice to hear from you, not “seen” you for a while.

    People like you (from the classroom and young student viewpoint) and David Wallace (giving us the perspective of physical constraints) are absolutely crucial for the rest of us, as we seek to make sure that the enfranchising nature of web 2.0 stays uncorrupted.

    Watch this space.

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