Doing yourself an injury

Apparently this video has been around for a while, but I’d never seen it. It’s about six minutes long and otherwise completely work-safe. But do be careful how you are seated while watching it, I nearly ruptured myself early this morning.

Thanks to Brittany for pointing it out to me, just what I needed to start a grey Monday morning. God’s in His Heaven and all’s well with the world.

As usual, available on my sidebar via Vodpod as well, for your convenience. Why for your convenience? Well, you don’t have to remember which post you read it in, all videos that I refer to can be found via the VodPod.

5 thoughts on “Doing yourself an injury”

  1. Somehow I had seen and posted about Kruger Park yet I never saw this. No idea why. Maybe the title of the video put me off. Maybe I was on holiday when it came out, maybe I was moving jobs or house or whatever.

    And perhaps more to the point, I tend not to worry about the view count. Long tail versus hit culture, view counts alone do very little for me.

  2. JP, I found this a highly amusing response to the video, in case you weren’t linked straight to it yourself:

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